Unitron FREE hearing aid trial

Finally, there’s a hearing aid on the market that does it all. With its discreet styling, direct-streaming, great sound and rechargeable battery, the Moxi™ All hearing aid gives you everything you need for effortless hearing.


  • All conversations –All the features to actively participate and hear, even in the most challenging environments
  • All phones –Directly connect to any mobile phone for truly hands-free conversations (up to 32 feet away!)*
  • All day charge –One overnight charge gives you the freedom to hear all day with no worries (even when streaming)
  • All of your shows –Directly connect to your TV, computers, tablets and stereos for high-quality stereo sound straight into your hearing aids using a simple accessory
  • All the comfort –Discreet, attractive, easy to use and wear
  • All tailored to you –Personalized adjustments adapt
You can try this new technology in July for FREE! Appointments will fill fast, phone your nearest clinic. 
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Blackwood: 8178 3900
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