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Meet Matthew

We take a moment to chat to Can:Do Hearing client Matthew about his hearing loss experience. 

When did you first notice you had a hearing loss?
I have had a hearing loss since I was very young; I think I got my first set of hearing aids when I was just three years old! One of the first things I remember most about my struggles to hear was in class at school. When I was in primary school, we used a device that connected to my hearing aids and the teacher wore a remote microphone. This allowed me to hear better in the classroom no matter where I was sitting.

What difference has having hearing aids made?
Having hearings aids has made a huge difference to my life, without them I would struggle with everyday activities. I wouldn’t have learnt to speak as well as do, I wouldn’t have the job that I currently do, and most importantly they allow me to interact with the important people in my life!

Why did you choose Can:Do Hearing?
A friend recommended Can:Do Hearing to me. Since I became ineligible for government funded services, I sought out Can Do Hearing as they are a not for profit organisation and their service is very welcoming!

What advice would you give to a friend who noticed they had a hearing loss?
Get your hearing tested. It’s not as scary as it seems! Hearing aids today come in so many shapes and forms; there is a solution for everyone. Depending on your level of hearing loss, there may be a hearing aid so small that no one would ever know you are wearing one! 

What is your favourite sound?
Music is a favourite, also laughter!