Christmas News



Welcome to the Christmas edition of Can:Do Hearing News. 

Believe it or not, the festive season is upon us. Please see our Christmas closure dates below. If you need hearing aid batteries over this period, please let us know now and stock up before we close. We don’t want you to miss out on the conversation during your Christmas and New Year celebrations!

We won't keep you long, this is a smaller edition than usual but still full of some important information.

We will be closing for Christmas!

All Can:Do Hearing sites will be closed from 2pm Friday 22nd December and will reopen at 9am Tuesday 2nd January. 


Tips and tricks for your Christmas function

Chances are you used to love a good party, let your hair down and reconnect with old friends or network with colleagues and perhaps put a good word in with your boss. 

To help you make the most of it we have asked Can:Do Hearing client, Megan to share her tips on "hearing" during the festive season.

Prior to arriving- Before I leave for a social occasion I always make sure I have spare batteries in my bag. If it is a function where I don’t want to be changing batteries, I put new ones in before leaving home.

When you arrive- I usually look around at the seating arrangements and work out where I should sit so I can either hear or lip-read. I find that my hearing aids are good at reducing loud background noise however sometimes I need to turn them down to a volume that is comfortable.

At dinner- Depending how many people are talking at once, this will determine how easily I keep up with conversations. I usually prefer just to focus on one conversation at a time. Even though my hearing aids help me hear, I still rely on lip reading and will ask people to face me when they are talking. I let them know I struggle to hear in noisy environments - chances are they have already noticed, and most of my friends and family are very considerate when speaking to me.

The end of the night- I love and rely on my hearing aids but I also love peace and quiet at night time when I am sleeping. I take my hearing aids out at night and set my Shake Awake alarm. This alarm goes under my pillow and when it vibrates it wakes me up in the morning.

Can:Do Hearing offers personalised assistance to help you make the most of the hearing you have. If you are concerned about your hearing, call us to make an appointment


Exciting new trial coming in February

Phonak have recently launched the new Audeo B-Direct. This hearing aid is unique as it is the first to stream wirelessly and directly to any Bluetooth enabled phone. The hearing aids act as a wireless headset, allowing you to both answer and refuse phone calls with a touch of the button on the hearing aids. They also act to stream the call to the aids and to stream your voice back to the caller. Simply put, you don't need to touch your phone, it could be twenty feet away and you can still take a call and speak to the caller without ever needing to look for it.

We will be offering trials of this new technology in February, so watch this space!

Click here to learn more about Audeo B-Direct


Guess who's back? 

Welcome back to Mel and Holly! Your favourite Auds will be back from maternity leave in January. Mel will be working mostly from the Blackwood clinic and Holly at the Welland clinic.

Mel and Holly will both be part time, so make sure you book your appointments as far in advance as you can. 

We are super excited to have them back onboard in 2018!


Merry Christmas and happy New Year!  

From, Joel and the team at Can:Do Hearing